Our Story


Hi there! 

Style Creative Agency wasn't something that came about by accident, but by an ordained path that forged its way into existence. I followed an intuition that was backed by signs to start something that would help not only me, but women around the world like me. I wanted to bring my fashion background into the lifestyle stationary realm, and to my pleasant surprise - it worked!

The birth of an idea and lifestyle came about after I became a new mom. You see the Instagram mom's making life look easy, but it wasn't that easy for me transitioning into this new role. I had to get grips on improving myself as a wife, progressing as a woman with a business, and dive into this new role of being a "mother". To say I was mind boggled was an understatement! I needed something that was customized to my needs, and I just couldn't find anything like it out there. 

"Being cookie cutter is so cliche"

So with that, customized life journals, planners, & notebooks were born. It was a place where I could keep all the important areas of my life in one place & in an organized fashion. Details are what make up my life with a dash of OCD, and my husband can attest to that! I could plan my meals for the week, organize my week in a glance, and keep on top of my business. After that I created mugs that fit my chic style that I could use everyday for my coffee break. Then I needed something fancy to write with, not just any old pen. Just like that, I had something that women like me wanted and needed! 

 Here we are now, some odd sales and dreams turned into reality later. I birthed not only a product, but a lifestyle that women can enjoy as they journey through this life as a wife, boss babe, and mom (all in one bundle, or individually). I am here to walk it with you, and help you look effortlessly stylish, but simply you!

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