Branded Promotional Design
Branded Promotional Design
Branded Promotional Design
Branded Promotional Design
Branded Promotional Design
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Branded Promotional Design

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As you create an online and/or in person presence, providing a branded experience across the board is important. It begins to help your target customer recognize your brand without you always having to put your company name on everything. This is created through 

- Colors
- Font
- Design

We can provide services in creating imagery for your social media, website, email banners, and in-store collateral. This service includes:

  • 6 rough draft samples
  • 2 free revisions (any additional revision will be $15 and will be billed in a separate invoice)
  • 2 final documents (should you be interested in additional samples that were made, you will be able to purchase them for $15 each. You will be sent a separate invoice)
  • Files sent in various formats depending what it will be used for (Jpeg, Png, PDF)



** Please note: The turnaround time for a project to be completed is 14 business days (not including weekends). So please provided enough time for projects to be completed in the event that you need this by a particular launch date.

** All communication after your order has been placed will be done via email. Add our information to your contacts so that our emails will be directed to your inbox. &

** When placing your order, please be sure that you have read through this thoroughly, and sign your name in our 'Agree to Terms Signature' box. If you fail to sign, you will not be able to place your order for this service. This serves as a binding contract

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